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PC Games Soft, known as PG SOFT, started in 2015, quickly becoming a major player in the gaming industry. With over 200 employees in offices located in Malta, Europe and North America, the company is poised for significant growth in the coming years. PGSOFT is transforming mobile application gamification using a range of custom gaming solutions. Simply put, they are dedicated to creating engaging and unique mobile-friendly slots. Judging by their current offerings, it seems they are successfully living up to their promise.

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Founded by Ken Jang, PG SOFT boasts a team of seasoned industry veterans. With a deliberate focus on hiring top-level talent, including skilled artists, designers and software experts, they've also looked to the skills of graduates from prestigious institutions like Oxford and Cambridge to tackle the mathematical nuances of gameplay. Located in Valletta, Malta, PGSOFT's headquarters are the nerve center of their operations.

Operating in an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive, this dynamic team faces the challenge of delivering something truly innovative. PG SOFT has not only established its base in Valletta but has also secured licenses for all its games from the local betting authority and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. To ensure fairness, independent testing labs like BMM and GA have rigorously evaluated their games, giving players a double guarantee of fair results and substantial returns while exploring the wide range offered by PG SOFT.

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PG SOFT has strategically carved a niche for itself in mobile game development, specializing in developing slots and a few card games. Departing from the path taken by some game studios, they have decided not to provide software platforms for others or enter the realm of white-label casinos. This intentional focus allows them to channel their energies into their enthusiasm. Establishing key partnerships with fellow developers such as Leander Games, Relax Gaming and Nekton has been instrumental in expanding their diverse portfolio to a wider audience.

Highlighted as the crème de la crème on the PGSOFT website, their most popular Pin-Up slots include Medusa II, Tree of Fortune and Plushy Frenzy. In the upcoming research, we will be revealing these games to verify whether they live up to the bold claims and expectations set by PG SOFT.

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Slot Machine Graphics Pocket Games Soft in Bangladesh

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In the realm of slot games, Medusa: The Quest of Perseus enhances the gaming experience with graphics reminiscent of a console game or even an animated feature film. The visual spectacle is complemented by an orchestral soundtrack that intensifies the suspense as players venture into the perilous levels of the infamous Medusa. This iconic snake-haired figure from Greek mythology makes a charming appearance in stylish sequences, either helping or hindering the journey of the free spins bonus rounds. The heroic Perseus takes the role of the wild symbol in this five-reel, 30-line game, while an array of weapons and standard playing card icons form the basis for winning combinations.

The gameplay introduces stone reels, which can be revealed in any spin, contributing to the accumulation of Soul Stones or potions. Triggering three Soul Stones starts a sequence of 10 free spins. However, Medusa retains the power to exterminate them as Perseus intervenes and emerges victorious. During the free games, the Medusa reels can transform into a full wild configuration for three consecutive spins, and extra games can be added if Perseus manages to defeat her before the feature ends.

Shifting gears to the oriental allure of the Tree of Fortune, this slot machine draws inspiration from a Chinese legend. The five reels and 30 paylines display traditional symbols such as red envelopes, bells and lanterns. A golden tree takes center stage as the wild symbol, while a distinctive 'shake' symbol causes the tree behind the reels to shake just enough to win coins from the eight golden plaques suspended from its branches or reveal additional picks.

In a unique twist, the red envelope symbols luckily cascade into the Fortune Tree. After collecting five envelopes, a cascade of free spins is triggered. Notably, if an envelope lands in the same spot as another, the symbols merge and expand, unlocking increased winning opportunities. This Asian-themed slot machine is set to resonate with players who appreciate the charm of games rooted in these culturally rich genres.

Drawing inspiration from the beloved claw grab machines found in arcades, Plushy Frenzy is a vibrantly colorful online slot game that showcases adorable toys on its 5 reels. Located above these reels, an animated claw eagerly awaits its turn to flash, triggering a series of attractive Pin-Up bonus features. On each winning spin, a delightful toy can be randomly selected to occupy the middle reel. This selected toy is safely in place as the other reels begin a free breathing sequence, remaining stationary until no additional instances of the selected toy are found. Once the recess is over, new toy winning lines are calculated, with a payout of 30% of the initial Pin-Up bet for each toy that achieves the feature. If the unicorn is the chosen toy, the middle reel is transformed into a wild symbol, while two additional wilds are added to the other reels.

Furthermore, this online slot introduces a free spins feature, activated by the presence of any three or more bonus symbols. During these free spins, players not only enjoy additional prizes, but toys transform into wild symbols. Plushy Frenzy exudes visual appeal, boasting a slightly more cartoonish aesthetic than other PG SOFT offerings. Still, it doesn't compromise on quality, featuring impressive graphics, captivating sound effects and seamless animations.

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Live RTP Slot Play Pocket Games in Bangladesh

RTP in slots is "return to player." It is the percentage of money among all bets made by players on a particular slot machine, which is returned to them as winnings within a certain period of time. RTP is a statistical indicator that represents the average and is usually expressed as a percentage.

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For example, if a slot has a 95% RTP, this means that, on average, players will get back $95 for every $100 wagered on the machine, while the casino keeps $5. It is important to note that RTP does not guarantee that you will win 95% of your bets; Instead, it represents a long-term statistical average.

RTP is important when choosing slot games because it indicates the potential profitability of the game. However, it is essential to remember that slots are largely based on chance and RTP does not guarantee specific results in the short term.

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Playing PG SOFT Games on Mobiles in Bangladesh

The entire range is designed to be compatible with desktop PCs, Windows, BlackBerry, Android and Apple powered devices such as iPhones and iPads. When you play PG SOFT slots on a laptop or desktop computer the portrait orientation of the reels means they don't fit perfectly on a landscape screen, so clearly, these are mobile games first and foremost.

The control buttons are placed where the fingers and thumbs are naturally and on the small screen of the mobile smartphone or tablet computer, the incredible attention to detail gives each slot a great look and superior realism. 3D effects bring each game to life and with high quality CGI animations, especially with slots like Medusa II, the PG SFT collection is one that is sure to attract more attention as people discover their range.

The PG SOFT website gives a background story to each game, along with some details about what inspired them to produce each title. For example, Plushy Frenzy came about because a claw machine proved very popular at the ICE Total Gaming exhibition in London.

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Pocket Games Soft Slot Machine Review in Bangladesh

Table of popular slot machines PG live Slot

Most popular slot machines from Pocket Games Soft Slots provider for real money in Bangladesh  

Bali Vacation Infinity Reels বালি অবকাশ অনন্ততা রিল
Bikini Paradise বিকিনি প্যারাডাইজ
Buffalo Win Infinity Reels বাফেলো উইন ইনফিনিটি রিলস
Circus Delight সার্কাস আনন্দ
Double Fortune ডাবল ফরচুন
Dragon Legend ড্রাগন কিংবদন্তি
Dragon Tiger Luck ড্রাগন টাইগার ভাগ্য
Egypt's Book of Mystery মিশরের রহস্য বই
Emoji Riches ইমোজি রিচ
Emperor's Favour সম্রাটের প্রিয়
Farm Invaders খামার আক্রমণকারীরা
Flirting Scholar ফ্লার্ট করা স্কলার
Fortune Gods ফরচুন sশ্বরের
Ganesha Gold গণেশা গোল্ড
Gem Saviour রত্ন ত্রাণকর্তা
Gem Saviour Conquest রত্ন ত্রাণকর্তা বিজয়
Gem Saviour Sword রত্ন ত্রাণকর্তা তরোয়াল
Groundhog Harvest গ্রাউন্ডহগ ফসল
Heist Stakes হিস্ট স্টেকস
Hip Hop Panda হিপ হপ পান্ডা
Honey Trap of Diao Chan ডায়ো চ্যানের মধু ট্র্যাপ
Hood vs Wolf হুড বনাম ওল্ফ
Hotpot হটপট
Jack Frost's Winter জ্যাক ফ্রস্টের শীত
Jewels of Prosperity সমৃদ্ধির গহনা
Journey to the Wealth সম্পদ যাত্রা
Legend of Hou Yi হো ই এর কিংবদন্তি
Legend of Perseus পার্সিয়াসের কিংবদন্তি
Lucky Piggy ভাগ্যবান পিগি
Mask Carnival মাস্ক কার্নিভাল
Medusa The Curse of Athena মেডুসা অ্যাথেনার অভিশাপ
Mermaid Riches মারমেইড রিচস
Mr Hallow-Win মিঃ হ্যালো-উইন
Muay Thai Champion মুয় থাই চ্যাম্পিয়ন
Ninja vs Samurai নিনজা বনাম সামুরাই
Plushie Frenzy প্লুশি উন্মত্ততা
Prosperity Lion সমৃদ্ধি সিংহ
Raider Jane's Crypt of Fortune রাইডার জেনের ফরচুনের ক্রিপ্ট
Reel Love রিল লাভ
Santa's Gift Rush সান্তার উপহার রাশ
Symbols of Egypt মিশরের প্রতীক
Three Monkeys তিন বানর
Tree of Fortune ফরচুনের গাছ
Vampire's Charm ভ্যাম্পায়ার এর কবজ
Wild Inferno বন্য ইনফার্নো
Win Win Fish Prawn Crab উইন উইন ফিশ প্রন ক্র্যাব
Win Win Won উইন উইন উইন
Wizdom Wonders উইজডম ওয়ান্ডারস

PG Soft Demo Slots

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Demo slots are like a free tester in the world of online gambling and really, they are a great way to enter the exciting world of gambling without the risk of losing real money. Pin-Up Casino and gaming software developers offer the opportunity to try their slots in demo mode, and here's why it's worth a try:

No Risk Game: No Risk! You can enjoy the excitement without worrying about losing your hard earned money.

Virtual Credits: Forget real money - you are provided with virtual credits to play.

True Game Mechanics: Demo slots retain all the features and abilities available in the given versions. From bonus rounds to special features, you will be introduced to a whole range of possibilities.

পTraining and Familiarization: If you are new to the game, this is a great way to learn the rules, understand the interface and get used to the features of each slot.

No Real Money Winning: Remember, all winnings and losses remain virtual. You cannot withdraw real money from demo account.

To try demo slots, simply visit pin-up online casinos or developer sites, which often have a “Free Games” section. Enjoy the game without financial stress!

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PG Soft Highest Paying Slots for Bangladeshi players

Of the nearly 100 online slots created by Pocket Games Soft, numerous titles stand out as the best for paying. Take a look at our table below, which lists the PG Soft slots with the highest RTP rates.

Slot Name RTP
Galactic Gems 98.13%
Restaurant Craze 97.45%
Ninja Vs Samurai 97.44%
Flirting Scholar 97.44%
Muay Thai Champion 97.38%
Leprechaun Riches 97.35%
Dragon Legend 97.15%
Summon & Conquer 97.00%
Honey Trap of Diao Chan 96.96%
Fortune Mouse 96.96%


What is PG SOFT and when was it founded?

PG SOFT, also known as PC Games Soft, is a gaming company specializing in mobile Pin-Up app gamification, particularly in slots. It was founded in 2015 and has grown to become a significant player in the gaming industry.

Where are PG SOFT’s headquarters and what kind of talent do they employ?

PG SOFT is headquartered in Valletta, Malta. They employ a team of seasoned industry veterans, including skilled artists, designers, and software experts. They also hire graduates from prestigious institutions to handle the mathematical aspects of gameplay.

What makes PG SOFT's slot games unique?

PG SOFT's slot games are known for their engaging and unique mobile-friendly designs. They focus on creating visually appealing games with innovative gameplay features, like the console-game-like graphics in "Medusa: The Quest of Perseus" and the unique mechanics in "Tree of Fortune" and "Plushy Frenzy."

How does PG SOFT ensure the fairness of their games?

PG SOFT ensures the fairness of their games by securing licenses from betting authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. Additionally, independent testing labs like BMM and GA have rigorously evaluated their games to provide players with a guarantee of fair results.

What are some of the most popular slots offered by PG SOFT?

Some of the most popular slots by PG SOFT include "Medusa II," "Tree of Fortune," and "Plushy Frenzy." These games are highlighted for their unique themes, engaging gameplay, and high-quality graphics and sound.